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Summer Team Building: Games and Activities for Your Team

By Maigne Cantos / 10 May 2019

Infographics - Summer Team Building Games and Activities for Your Team


Are you noticing that employees at your  call center Philippines are becoming unmotivated? This could be due to the lack of stimulation at their workplace. They could be feeling disconnected from their peers or just feel like they do not have the ability to offer anything substantial to the company. If you notice these occurrences in your workplace, then you may want to look into team building activities.

To be able to make a successful team building event, you must first understand what kind of worth ethics and values you want to instill into your employees. Teambuilding activities require the utmost precision in details and quick conflict resolution. On the other hand, there are games that could help your employees get to know one another’s personalities.

Team building greatly improves compatibility in your workspace. It aims to create a long-lasting positive impression on every employee that could ultimately boost their work ethic. Mix and match options from this list to make the ultimate team building experience for you and your team!


Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers

Ice breakers are a good way to start any team building event. Employees are usually quite shy and timid at the earlier stages, especially if they do not know the other employees well. This kind of team building activity can be beneficial for individuals from Philippine call centers, as they can meet other people from all over the company.

Start off with activities for everybody to get to know one another. Developing a sense of familiarity will help people let their guard down.


1! 2! 3! Me!

1! 2! 3! Me! is an activity that can be played by your employees all at once. Divide the employees into groups of 10-15 people. Depending on the number of people, the group must count until the last number.

The twist is that each person must shout only one number, and the game must restart if two people shout out the same number at the same time.

This activity is a fun and light icebreaker just for people to get more comfortable. The overall goal is less focused on completing the count, and is more focused on letting people’s guard down to prepare them for more challenging teamwork related activities.


Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is a fun way for people to get to know one another. Ask employees to think about two truths and one lie about themselves. Everyone will come up to the middle of the circle to tell their two truths and one lie. After which, everybody will vote on what they think is a lie.

This game is a good way for people to get to know each other’s histories and personalities in an engaging manner. It can introduce individuals to people from different departments and can help break expectations your employees may have of one another. You never know who or what may surprise you!


Board Game Night

Board Game Night is a team building activity that you can do now and then. You could choose to do it once a month, or even every week. Choose board games that would require people to interact with one another and also bring out their competitive sides. Games such as Avalon and Werewolf are good options as it allows people to take on roles with key traits.

Avalon, also called The Resistance, is a game of good versus evil. The goal is to win 3 out of the 5 quests that the chosen teams will go on. A win for the good side means that the majority of the group on the quest votes to “Pass” the quest. A win for the evil side means that the majority of the group vote for it to “Fail”. Every vote is done secretly to keep the mystery alive!

The trick is, you are not allowed to know who is on your team. This activity tests your employees’ abilities to gauge the personality of each person in the group. It also helps them get to know one another and be comfortable with each individual.


Games to Improve Teamwork

Games to improve teamwork

After everybody starts to get more comfortable getting to know one another, you could introduce activities to improve teamwork. These could be games that unite people against a common enemy, games that require good pair work, or games that require members to work together to finish a task. The goal is for your Philippine call center employees to learn how to trust their colleagues.


Water Balloon Toss

This game is done in pairs to build trust. Prepare a large container of small plastic balloons filled with water. Then draw a line across the ground. Ask each member to stand in front of their partners with the line in between them.

When the whistle blows, the partners must throw the balloon back and forth. With each successful set, they must take a step back. If they drop the balloon, they must reset and go back to the line.

This activity is a fun way for two people to bond. It is also a creative way for you and your team to cool off in the summer. Don’t forget to tell your employees to prepare some extra clothes beforehand!


Find the Dragon

This activity will surely get your blood pumping. Divide the group into teams of 6. Put a blindfold on every member except for the first person in line. Tie a dragon tail to the waist of the last person in line. The goal of the game is to get the dragon tails of the other teams while simultaneously protecting your own.

This is an exciting way for your members to trust your group as well as the leader in front. Hold on tight!


3 Leveled Obstacle Course

The 3 Leveled Obstacle Course is a simple obstacle course with 3 different tricks up its sleeve. The obstacle course itself can be up to you. You could put a set of tire tracks that they each have to put their feet in, a table for the teams to go over, and even a set of sticks that they would have to crawl underneath.


Round One

The first round is all about speed and getting to know the obstacle course. Each member has to go through the obstacle course once. The fastest group wins.

● Round Two

The second round introduces the first challenge. Ask the team to stand in line and tie their legs together. They will have to help one another go through the obstacle course while maintaining the line. The fastest group wins.

● Round Three

The last round is the most challenging one yet. The team remains tied together, but everybody now has to be blindfolded except the person in the front and back of the line. The fastest group wins.

This is one of the more intense team building activities. To lessen the probability of injuries, it is important to have facilitators to help oversee each group. This is not an activity recommended for people who are easily fatigued or have heart conditions.


How to Utilize Your Individuality?

How to Utilize Your Individuality

A good Philippine call center team is able to become efficient when each individual member becomes the best and most competent version of themselves. There are team building activities designed in such a way that each member is required to provide something unique in order to win.


Back-to-Back Drawing

This is another way to creatively develop people’s trust in one another. Ask the group to form pairs and sit back-to-back. One person receives a drawing and the other receives a pen and paper. The objective is for the person with the drawing to successfully describe it to their partner, who can only listen and draw from their explanation.


Charades: Zoo Edition

The group is split into teams. It works as a normal charades game, where the members have to guess the word one member is trying to mime.

This is a special Zoo Edition of the game because the miming member is assigned an animal that they have to copy as they mime the word. They will be given a special costume and are required to continuously make the sound of the animal assigned to them.

This activity can bring out the hidden acting and guessing abilities of your employees, and also makes for some fun memories.


Team Game Show

Who doesn’t love a good game show? Be the host of your very own company game show and ask teams questions ranging from a multitude of topics. You could even slip into some questions regarding the company, its history, and the clients you collaborate with. The trick is that only one member is allowed to answer at a time. This is a fun way for your employees to come out of their shells and showcase their knowledge of the world.


Creative Challenges

Creative Challenges
Creative challenges test the ability of each team to think outside of the box. This is a good way to develop the creativity of your Philippine call center employees. To make things more exciting, limit the items they can use to those only found within the office.


Paper Bag Skits

This activity tests your employee’s creativity in terms of acting and creating stories. Divide the groups into teams of 5. Give each team a paper bag and ask them to fill it up with objects you have laid out for them to choose from. Then, ask them to create a skit that utilizes every single piece. The team with the most number of votes wins.


Tower to The Sky

The goal of this challenge is to make the tallest creation among the teams. You can make the teams use unconventional items that could give them more of a challenge. Such items include spaghetti sticks, Q-Tips, or even marshmallows. Give them items to help stick the objects together such as glue, tape, or even toothpicks.

Watch out! This game can bring out the competitive side of your employees.


Save The Egg

Give your employees normal office supplies. Ask each team to craft something that would protect the egg when dropped from a certain height. After a set time, retrieve the creations and drop the eggs from the specified height. The team whose egg has the least damage wins. To make the activity more engaging, ask the teams to name their eggs and draw a face on them.


Problem Solving in A Team

Problem solving in a team

How can a group of Philippine call center employees effectively solve an issue as a unit? There are multiple activities that could test and develop each team’s problem solving skills together.


Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a classic when it comes to team building events. This is because of its ability to adapt to different companies in a number of ways. You can make each station themed to a work ethic you would like to instill in your employees and adapt each activity to it. The overall goal is to work together as a team to get through challenges and find different clues.


Build A Bridge

The goal of this game is for the team to get to the other side of the room. However, the team must make it across the venue by creating their own road to step on. Members can only use available items at their arms reach such as clothing, pieces of paper, or even shoelaces. This tests their ability to solve problems on the spot with only the materials readily available to them.


Murder Mystery Night

Throw a murder mystery night. A couple of days prior to game night, everyone will receive their assigned character to be able to study and prepare their different costumes. On the night of, one of the characters will be “murdered” by a mystery killer.

The remaining characters will have the entire night to find the murderer hiding amongst them, all while staying in character. This kind of activity helps bring out the leader types in each group. You will be able to observe who steps up to lead the manhunt against the killer.


Key Takeaway

The results of team building activities can have a long term effect in your workplace. Craft your team building activities based on the work ethics and values that you would like your members to possess. These activities can improve the chemistry of your team, and it will increase productivity in the operational processes of your call center.

Use this as your guide the next time you are going to conduct a teambuilding event with your company!

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