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BPO Philippines – Outsourcing for SMEs

By Grace N / 21 June 2022

Running any business can be hard at the best of times. Keeping a business afloat in a difficult market contains an additional gamut of challenges. However, running a small to medium business (SME) has its own challenges not felt equally by major corporations.

Many SMEs have been finding the answer in outsourcing front and back-office work, specifically by using BPOs in the Philippines. Outsourcing to the Philippines allows smaller businesses to gain some stability that is lacking due to current market conditions. However, some business owners still need to be assured that this type of outsourcing makes good business sense. Few business owners and outsourcing executives want to take unnecessary risks.

Yet, more and more businesses are figuring out that BPO to the Philippines is not a risk. In fact, there are few choices so simple that have such great benefits.

The modern world is not easy for SMEs. While larger businesses may have deeper pockets to dig into to ride out tough times and vast internal resources, SMEs aren’t so lucky.

Over the past few years, inflation has done a number on operating costs. Challenges include:

  • real estate prices are higher than they have ever been,
  • demands for expensive technology to be incorporated abound, and
  • the cost of onshore labor has dramatically risen

Every little increase affects SMEs hugely. Utilizing contact centers in the Philippines bypasses all of these hikes in onshore prices and allows SMEs to get more for their dollar when it comes to the processing of front and back-office tasks.  

Inflation isn’t the only challenge of the current onshore market. Anyone running a business is aware that finding, hiring, and retaining top talent without a huge price tag has become nearly impossible. Between the job market shifting in favor of applicants and the high turnover rate, businesses end up paying more than they can afford to search for employees and to train employees that don’t stick around.

HR complaints are yet another expensive problem for SMEs trying to retain an onshore workforce.

These difficulties especially seem to affect back-office work that has little to no contact with the locals. This makes solutions that apply to back-office work especially useful. Not all skills are needed for all jobs and back-office outsourcing to the Philippines solves the problems at hand without adding unnecessary complications. It behooves business owners to remember that not all workforce is onshore.

Outsourcing BPO services to the Philippines has become the answer for a lot of savvy SMEs. With this one outsourcing act, an SME can bring down operating costs for their business to ensure they can continue providing quality goods and services without going bankrupt.

Especially encouraging is that with BPO services in the Philippines companies don’t have to sacrifice quality workers for a price tag that they like. When a company utilizes back-office outsourcing to the Philippines they gain access to a large and motivated labor pool filled with top-notch workers. This workforce is highly educated, and most are proficient in the English language, making back and forth communication easy. BPO services in the Philippines provide reliable and affordable labor without any sacrifice in quality. SMEs gain an average of 50% savings vs standard onshore rates.

Also, because BPO services in the Philippines are practiced in their fields, with 20 years of BPO experience, SMEs get a world-class infrastructure. Experience, quality, and savings can’t be beat.

There’s no reason to make running an SME any harder than it already is. Outsourcing front and back-office work to the Philippines just make good business sense. It is a tried-and-true method that has a history of saving companies money with no real downside. Every business needs a bit of a boost and BPOs in the Philippines can be that boost.

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