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Key Considerations In Choosing A Philippine Offshore Contact Center

Offshore BPO companies in the Philippines provides world-class contact center solutions to serve clients worldwide who demand the highest level of customer service. Offshore BPOs offer the advantages of having an English proficient and highly educated work force, a competent and experienced management team dedicated on continuous business improvement and high-caliber technologies.

Moreover, BPO companies in the Philippines offer these features at considerably lower rates than most contact centers in other offshore locations. International enterprises and industry consultants regard BPO firms in Manila as the leading provider of contact center solutions, which gives testament to the level of service quality that offshore contact centers provide to its clients.

The growth of the contact center industry in the country has produced more than 100 BPO companies in the Philippines. For businesses that are interested in outsourcing or locating their contact center operations in the Philippines, here are important considerations to take into account as you choose a contact center provider.

The ideal offshore contact center provider in the Philippines invests in the following areas:


It is common for BPO companies in the Philippines to conduct mass hiring of agents but while there is a need to fill the huge staffing demands, the best contact center providers make sure that each applicant goes through a rigorous screening process in order to meet the client’s standards.

The value that BPO firms in the Philippines provides its clients begins with hiring the best people. In order to accomplish this, offshore contact centers conduct phone screening of applicants and a series of interviews and tests. Contact center providers usually recruits graduates of top universities in the country as well college-educated and motivated individuals.

BPO companies in the Philippines evaluates each candidate by their skill sets and personality to match the right people to the specific accounts that they handle.


Because contact center agents represent the client’s business to their customers, contact center providers in the Philippines realize the value in providing proper training to its work force. The ideal BPO provider teach agents how to listen to customer’s needs, relate to them, and make use of techniques and technologies to provide the best solution.

In addition to training modules, call center providers utilize several methods of learning such as role-playing, call simulations and games quick retention of skills and knowledge. For voice accounts, call center firms conduct a of test calls that trainees must pass in order to graduate from training and start actual work.

Performance Management

BPO companies in the Philippines have some process aimed at consistent improvement of service level. BPOs align performance metrics with client’s requirements but their goal is to exceed these standards and create more value to a client’s business.

Call center companies in the Philippines have dedicated quality assurance officers who monitor agent’s performance and provide feedback to supervisors and agents for continuous improvement. Each team of agents receives close supervision and guidance from their respective team leader. In addition to this, call center firms usually provide performance incentives to motivate agents to provide consistent quality service.


Technology plays a vital role in any offshore BPO provider in the Philippines. That is why a call center provider invests in reliable and secure technology infrastructures that enable seamless connection between contact centers in the Philippines and overseas with clients and customers.

Offshore BPO firms in the Philippines have competent IT staff to resolve all technical issues as efficiently as possible. The security of networks and client’s data is of the highest priority. Dual firewalls, password-protected logins, controlled access to sensitive data, scheduled systems maintenance and security audits are just some of the ways that offshore contact centers in the Philippines ensure reliability and security of technology.

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