In the intricate tapestry of call center outsourcing, discerning businesses recognize the value of having multiple qualified vendor options. In the competitive landscape of call center services in the Philippines, the crucial task becomes evaluating providers meticulously, each flaunting their unique blend of industry-specific acumen and service offerings. Unfortunately, during their journey to outsourcing, businesses often inadvertently bypass unseen 'hidden champions,' aligning instead with undifferentiated providers that lack a necessary blend of capabilities and cost-effectiveness. The outcome is a cascade of missed opportunities, dissatisfying customer experiences, tarnished reputations, unexpected financial burdens, and ultimately, lost revenue. A guiding hand from expert navigators can adeptly steer your company away from these common pitfalls. Ensuring that call center services from the Philippines not only match with your brand’s ethos but also boost operational efficiency is more than a strategy—it’s a safeguard against the numerous challenges in the vibrant, yet complex, outsourcing landscape of the Philippines.

John Maczynski, Co-CEO
The game changer in BPO

Embarking on a journey of call center outsourcing to the Philippines, our team, with decades of executive leadership experience in the global BPO industry, introduces a reservoir of expertise and comprehensive understanding of the outsourcing landscape to your business. Our mission is not merely to guide you obtain world-class call center services but to leverage industry best practices and our expansive network of 'hidden champions' - award-winning contact centers in the Philippines, wielding deep domain expertise in your industry and the services you require.

Through meticulous vendor identification, evaluation, selection, and management processes—akin to those adopted by Fortune 500 corporations—our approach ensures an impeccable match with the most qualified call centers in the Philippines that cater to your unique needs. Collaborating closely with your team, our leadership

furnishes invaluable advice, guidance, and steadfast support throughout your entire outsourcing journey, facilitating a smooth voyage through the complexities of outsourcing to the Philippines. Not just navigating but converting potential challenges into compeitive advantages, we not only assist in sidestepping common pitfalls but also steer your business towards assured, long-term outsourcing success. Furthermore, our advisory services are offered at no charge for companies with outsourcing needs of 5 or more full-time employees (FTEs).

When you choose to embark on this journey with us, you are not merely gaining a global supplier sourcing expert but aligning with a dedicated team of trusted advisors, committed to ensuring your success in outsourcing call center services to the Philippines. 

Meet the organizations that have sparked our passion, shaped our expertise, and cemented our reputation over the past two decades. Our executive leadership team has collaborated with these distinguished companies, cultivating deep domain expertise across several key industry verticals.
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    A Smarter, Better, and more Efficient Way to Outsource

    Imagine adding one of the world's leading BPO executives to your team - someone with unrivaled industry knowledge and outsourcing experience. Now, imagine that this individual's advice and guidance are available to you free of charge and without any obligation whatsoever. That's precisely what we at PITON-Global bring to the table. 

    Here's how we will assist you in your outsourcing journey:

    1. Curate a shortlist of industry-leading outsourcing providers based on your outsourcing needs and expectations:

    We will source 3-5 top outsourcing providers (the hidden champions) with deep domain expertise in your industry and the services you plan to outsource. 

    1. Apply industry best practices for vendor evaluation and selection:

    Apply a proven, time-tested  vendor evaluation and selection process used by Fortune 500 corporations. (Successful outsourcing doesn't happen by chance.  There’s a process to it.) 

    1. Educate you on the latest processes and technologies for program management:

    We will introduce the most advanced processes and technologies used to support your business in today's competitive landscape.

    1. Prevent common and costly outsourcing mistakes:

    We will guide you through the entire outsourcing process and help you avoid the pitfalls that other companies have encountered over the years, saving you time, money, sleepless nights, and a ton of headaches.

    1. Leverage over three decades of contract negotiation experience:

    Utilize our extensive experience in contract negotiation to secure the best possible terms for your outsourcing partnership.

    Revolutionize the way you outsource by partnering with us, and take advantage of the knowledge, experience, and guidance of industry leaders, all at no cost to you. Together, we will forge a smarter, better, and more efficient path for your business's outsourcing journey. Eliminate the guessing game and outsource with confidence today by partnering with PITON-Global.


    Global Call CENTER & BPO Capabilities
    Connecting You to the 'Hidden Champions' of Global Call Center Outsourcing.

    The successful outsourcing of call center services to the Philippines isn't a matter of happenstance. It demands a comprehensive understanding of the local vendor landscape — a domain where our expertise is distinctly evident.

    Boasting over five decades of industry experience, we have an astute knowledge of who the 'hidden champions' are in the Philippines are. Our deep understanding of their specialized service areas, where they genuinely excel, becomes your invaluable asset. This empowers you to navigate the complex terrain of call center outsourcing to the Philippines with both confidence and precision.


    World-class call center capabilities in 37 countries and 5 continents.


    Whatever your lingusitic requirements, we've got you covered.


    We are outsourcing experts with deep domain expertise across 21 sectors.

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    The Imperative of CX in Outsourcing Decisions

    Outsourcing call center services to the Philippines has become a prominent strategy for businesses seeking to maximize cost savings. However, a critical mistake many companies make is concentrating solely on cost reduction, overlooking the paramount importance of Customer Experience (CX).

    The allure of the Philippines as a call center destination lies not merely in its ability to offer services at a lower cost, but in delivering a better and more efficient service. The emphasis here should be on "better" and "more efficient," qualities that are not inherently tied to the lowest price tag.

    Industry-leading call centers in the country that heavily invest in the best people, processes, technologies, and state-of-the-art facilities hold a significant edge over low-cost providers. While premium providers might charge US$2-4 more per hour, they deliver a vastly superior customer experience and ROI.

    The use of cutting-edge technology deployed in state-of-the-art call center operations increases efficiencies and significantly lowers operating costs. But outsourcing to the Philippines must be driven by more than just cost considerations. It only makes sense if the provider can deliver a better customer experience at a reduced cost. If this balance is not achieved, all cost-savings become irrelevant.

    Quality and CX must always be the top priority to achieve long-term success. By aligning technology strategically with CX, premium call centers turn a potential cost-saving exercise into a competitive edge. This goes beyond mere cost savings and focuses on delivering top-tier customer experience.


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