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Training and Quality Service Manager

The Training & Quality Service manager is responsible for the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of all client specific training to meet project goals.

This includes all systems, products, industry-specific training, up-training, and coaching skills for employees and supervisors. The training manager is responsible for maintaining a high standard of effectiveness and quality in line with a client's goals and objectives. The Training & Quality Services Manager is also responsible for managing, supporting, and developing the quality assurance department to ensure the overall success of each project.


  •  Coordinates with client all project-specific updates and up-training
  •  Determines and delivers management development training for employees
  •  Provides developmental guidance to trainers to further enhance their training skills
  •  Monitors and tracks client recurrent training programs
  •  Defines budget requirements to meet training objectives, and tracks training costs for the company and the client
  •  Oversees the development of instructional material, including performance objectives, training content outline, flowcharts and other training documentation
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