Tech Support/Help Desk

Customers expect technical issues to be resolved immediately. Corporate decision makers understand that the provisioning of world-class tech support and help desk services is not a luxury ticket item but a mission-critical step to maintaining high customer satisfaction and retention levels.

PITON recognizes the special requirements needed to provide world-class technical support services and deploys the Philippines’ most tech-savvy, English proficient, patient and intuitive agents to assist customers. Our technical support services are powered by the latest contact center technologies and are “multi-channel” in nature.

Our tech support associates are experts in helping customers solve any technical issue that arises, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

arrow-services Services

  • Hardware and Software Troubleshooting
  • Hardware Warranty Support
  • Software Installation / Removal
  • PC Protection Support
  • Network Administration
  • Internet and Broadband Support
  • Program compatibility
  • Database management
  • Mobile devices support

arrow-services Key Benefits

  • Increase operating efficiencies
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability
  • Drive revenues through cross-/ up- sell opportunities
  • Decrease cost of support

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