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Customer Service & Care

In today’s fast paced, service-centric economy, the customer has taken center stage in almost every business. Companies realize that maintaining existing customer relationships is significantly cheaper than acquiring new ones. Corporate decision makers also understand that exceptional customer service offers a unique opportunity for differentiation in an increasingly competitive and unforgiving marketplace.

To deliver consistent Customer Service excellence, we employ only the most experienced customer service representatives, provide comprehensive training and utilize the latest in contact-management technologies. Our Customer Care services are available across all media and touch points.

We excel at intelligent agent-assisted service because our highly trained associates are equipped with a single data repository for all contacts.


  •  General inquiries
  •  Inbound sales (Up-Cross)
  •  Account activation status
  •  Applications/order processing
  •  Billing inquiries
  •  Change of darkness
  •  Dispute handling
  •  Missing, wrong and damaged goods
  •  Payment processing
  •  Product information
  •  Reservations/Cancellations
  •  Returns

Key Benefits

  •  Enhance operating efficiences
  •  Improve customer satisfaction & retention
  •  Drive revenues
  •  Reduce costs

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