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The Philippines’ Unique Call Center Culture

If you ever find yourself out at 3 A.M. in the morning in Manila, then you’re bound to get a sample of the Philippines’ call center culture. The Philippines is known to be a hub of technologically savvy call center agents. These bright, young, competitive people, although carefree-looking, are the people behind the Philippines’ booming call center industry. If the Philippines seems like the ideal stop for your call center business, read on. Knowing the “ins and outs” of the Philippines’ call center lifestyle can give you a head start when you set up a call center business.

When working in the Philippines, it’s good to know that those who apply for call center jobs are highly intelligent individuals. They will have obtained at least two years of college education. The bulk of agents in the Philippines’ call center industry are young professionals. They are not just working because of the money; they’re in it for a much-needed career boost. This is the reason why a lot of companies want the Philippines to be the place for their call center businesses.

When you get to the Philippines, it might be shocking to see call center agents hanging out in coffee shops or bars during breaks. This shouldn’t be mistaken as slacking off. The Philippines is unlike the Western world in this aspect: Filipinos don’t see their free time as linear, so call center agents indulge in little escapades. Although they know how to unwind, they are also very aware of the quality of the output they have to deliver. So don’t let the break time escapades discourage you from considering the Philippines as your call center destination.

Speaking of breaks, another thing to know about the Philippines is that call center agents have a love affair with coffee. This has something to do with their work schedule. In the Philippines, most call center work is carried out at night. Philippines call center agents adjust to their nocturnal work schedule by relying on coffee. Thus, you shouldn’t be surprised if coffee places are next to call centers and their pantries have nothing but coffee.

It’s common knowledge that the Philippines is known for having courteous people and call center agents are no exception. Their respectful way of handling people does not end after each call. It extends to all areas of the workplace. For instance, a co-worker will express respect for an older colleague even though they are of the same rank. People who come to the Philippines to establish call center businesses are mostly surprised and impressed by this.

The Philippines’ call center culture may be unlike that of its Asian counterparts, but knowing these little quirks will let you blend in nicely. Relocating or going to the Philippines for the first time in order to set up a call center venture might be a cause for culture shock. Knowing these things about the Philippines’ call center lifestyle will put you at ease and prepare you for work. Just remember that aside from these things, the Philippines’ call center industry will give you a lot to look forward to.