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Offshore Contact Center Outsourcing To The Philippines

Outsourcing has been in existent for more than two decades. Leading businesses even governments outsource certain activities to utilize resources more efficiently. Reducing operating costs is another major motivation for organizations to outsource.

Offshore outsourcing, which is the delegation of tasks or processes to a company overseas, began around the late 1990’s with the expansion of the Internet and development of other communication infrastructures in different parts of the world.

When business enterprises in developed countries started to experience rising operating costs, they again turned to outsourcing but this time their attention were focused on offshore locations where costs of operations and labor are much appealing. Business then started outsourcing their contact center operations to countries such as the Philippines primarily to gain cost advantages.

However, businesses now view that offshore outsourcing is not just another method to curb costs but rather a way to elevate their productivity, efficiency, and overall business performance.

Offshore contact center outsourcing to the Philippines has been providing global enterprises cost-effective and efficient contact center services for almost 20 years now, with the oldest contact center starting operations in the late 1980’s. However, it has only been in the last five years or so that offshore contact center outsourcing have experienced surge in growth to rival some of the biggest industry sectors in the country such as the telecommunications industry.

What Offshore Contact Center Outsourcing to the Philippines Offers

Offshore contact center outsourcing to the Philippines have extensive capabilities to serve a wide range of industries and business areas to include Advertising, Banking, Consumer Products, Health care/Medical Services, Government, Insurance, Software/Hardware products, Telecommunications, Travel/Recreation, Utilities and many more.

Contact center outsourcing in the Philippines provide the following contact center services: Customer Acquisition, Customer Care, Technical Support, Billing and Collections, Sales, Marketing, Lead Generation, Market Research and etcetera. Contact center outsourcing operates several communication channels to deliver phone, e-mail and chat support.

Offshore contact center outsourcing in the Philippines helps businesses to:

  • Improve the quality of service
  • Reduce contact center operating costs.
  • Boost revenues
  • Quickly adapt to changing business demands

Contact center outsourcing in the Philippines gives clients access to a highly skilled workforce and best-in-class technologies, all at very competitive costs. Additionally, contact center outsourcing is committed to driving greater value to your business, which means it continually pushes its performance to deliver more results.

Program Management

Offshore contact center outsourcing in the Philippines develop strategic approaches in contact center management in order to deliver quality services. Collaboration is a key element to the success of an offshore venture like an offshore contact center that is why offshore contact center outsourcing in the Philippines regularly consult with clients to gain understanding of their business, needs and goals. After which, offshore contact center outsourcing analyzes the client’s business and from there develop the most efficient approach to deliver results.

Usually, in a contact center outsourcing in the Philippines there is an Operations Manager who works closely with every Client Account Manager, Training and Quality Assurance Staff to ensure the performance on outsourced projects is effective and efficient. Each team of agents has a Team Manager who is responsible for coaching and mentoring agents. The people leading contact center outsourcing maintain hands-on management to guarantee continuous improvement of processes and performance.

Recruitment and Training

Offshore contact center outsourcing in the Philippines consider their people as their backbone. For contact centers, success largely depends on the skills and the abilities of their workforce and because of this, contact center outsourcing in the Philippines maintain high standards in their recruitment and training processes.

In its effort to find the smartest and highly skilled individuals, offshore contact center outsourcing in the Philippines participate in job fairs, form relations with leading universities and colleges in the country and encourage employees to refer qualified people. All candidates go through rounds of screening, interviews and testing to assure only the best of the best joins the organization.

Contact center outsourcing conducts training for all new hires that include subjects such as language, accent, culture, geography depending upon the country of origin of the client in addition to customer service skills and other relevant training.

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