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Offshore Call Centers In The Philippines See Continuous Growth

Offshore call center outsourcing agencies in the Philippines are fast increasing their share of the global call center market resulting in an employment boon and significant revenue increase in the country.

The call center industry grew 90 percent in 2005 with US$ 1.7 billion in revenues generated. Currently, there are more than 100 centers in different locations in the Philippines from Manila to Davao City, creating high-paying jobs for competent young Filipinos.

The growth of the call center industry in the Philippines is very evident in the financial districts of the country such as in Makati, Ortigas Center in Pasig and Eastwood in Quezon City where majority of offshore call center outsourcing agencies are located.

Every evening, these areas are teeming with groups of generally young call center professionals about to start their graveyard shifts at various call centers primarily serving the United States.

The country’s call center industry has indeed experienced incredible growth from employing less than 2,000 people in 2001, it has grown 100 times in size in a span of only five years with a current estimate of 200,000 professionals. Every offshore call center outsourcing agency in the Philippines are showing every intention of further driving growth and doubling their work forces.

Offshore call center outsourcing agencies in the Philippines are confident in their outlook as an increasing number of U.S. companies are outsourcing several basic business functions to offshore locations and many of these companies consider a call center outsourcing agency in the Philippines to be an ideal service provider.

Call Center Services

Outbound call handling services provide support in various business fields to include sales verification, telemarketing, credit and collection, reactivation or reinstatement of accounts, and other customer support services.

An offshore call center outsourcing agency in the Philippines that handle inbound calls mainly deals with customer product or service inquiries, technical support, customer requests, customer complaints, sales and billing. About 90 percent of services offered by offshore call center outsourcing firms in the Philippines are inbound call handling.

Distinct Advantages of Filipinos in the Call Center Industry

Two factors contribute to the attractiveness of an offshore call center outsourcing agency in the Philippines: the country’s culture and the loyalty of Filipino employees.


The Philippines has long historical ties with the United States. It has been an American colony for several decades. This connection with the United States is the reason why among other Asians, it is easiest for Filipinos to relate to culture of the West.

Additionally, call center professionals have a high level of adaptability to different accents such as American English and British English. Moreover, the fact that many Filipinos have relatives in the United States is another factor that contributes to their familiarity with the American culture and way of speaking.


The increase in demand for call center services automatically translate to an increase in demand for skilled employees and this has driven tough competition in recruiting talent. The pirating of call center agents and high turnover staff can result to up to 50 percent increase in employee costs of an offshore call center outsourcing agency.

In this aspect, offshore call center outsourcing agencies in the Philippines offer a significant advantage of having the lowest attrition rates among call centers worldwide. Naturally, the longer a call center agent stays with an offshore call center outsourcing agency, the more that agent gains expertise and, therefore, the higher the quality of service he or she will deliver.

The loyalty of Filipino call center professionals is one of the strongest reasons why companies with call centers in other offshore locations are moving to the Philippines.

Executives of offshore call center outsourcing agencies in the Philippines are confident that this characteristic of Filipino employees will continue to attract more call center businesses to the Philippines.

Adding to this view is the abundance of English-speaking workers, hundreds of thousand of college graduates every year, and significantly lower average wage costs in the Philippines.

For all these reasons, the call center industry strongly believes that the Philippines is in the best position to be a leading player in the global call center market.

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