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Lead Generation Philippines – An Exponetially Growing Industry

US companies who use lead generation services from the Philippines are very happy with the results they get. Telephone based lead generation isn’t anything new to US companies. They have been doing it for many years with US sourced labor.

Recently however, call centers in the Philippines have noticed a sharp increase in the number of US clients who contract for lead generation services. This is because of the low cost of such services outsourced offshore from the Philippines and the very high quality of the leads these lead generation Philippines leads.

The young Filipinos who work in these lead generation services in the Philippines frequently already know a lot about US companies, products and services. There are several reasons for that. That’s because they’ve been seeing US originated advertising all their life. US advertising is all over their TV, newspapers, magazines and movies. This makes lead generation in the Philippines very easy for them to talk about.

The other reason is that Filipinos love to travel and many Filipinos have relatives and/or friends overseas. So they know a lot about US products. Lead generation from the Philippines is just like talking about something they already know a lot about.

Philippines call centers try to hire agents with the best possible English to work in their lead generation Philippines programs. The English level of the agents is very important because they’re developing leads that hopefully will turn into sales for their client companies.

Call center agents who do lead development don’t get as stressed out as some US based agents do. It’s part of the Filipino personality to be polite and courteous in every situation. For you, if you’re a US based client who has hired a Philippine call center to do some lead generation from the Philippines for you, you’ll have an agent working for you that will ‘hang in there’ and keep dialing and never let the occasional rude person on the other end of the line spoil their attitude.

Within the call centers, lead generation agents usually get to know the other workers on their ‘shifts’ and it’s common to have contests to see who can generate the most leads. Often time the companies will have contests too. It’s not unusual to have lead generation agents in the Philippines refuse to leave their seats when their shift is over if they haven’t made their target yet. They get really personally involved in their work.

If you’ve every wished your employees really ‘went the extra mile’ like these young lead generation Philippines agents do then you should find a reputable Philippines lead generation company and find out more about their program. Philippines lead generation agents work for 30-60% of their US sourced counterparts and their results are generally as good…if not better