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Contact Center In The Philippines Expect More Growth

The growth of outsourcing trend continues to favor offshore contact center vendors in the Philippines. Working with offshore contact center vendor gives business the benefit of reduced operating costs because of their significant cost advantage over most competitors. Offshore outsourcing remains a viable option for any size of business that is looking to increase productivity and revenue.

Many American contact centers have already decided to expand their presence in the Philippines driven by the opportunity to reduce expenses by up to 60 percent. Some of the largest offshore contact center firms are based in the United States. Currently, five of the top six North American contact center leaders already have established their operations in the Philippines. The management team of these US based contact centers are seasoned contact center professionals who saw the value of bringing their operations to the Philippines.

The last five years have truly been successful for many BPO companies in the Philippines, whether homegrown or foreign-based. Demand for BPOs grew as enterprises look for ways to manage their activities as efficiently as possible. The industry today boasts of over 600 offshore contact center outsourcing vendors Philippines from about 20 contact centers a few years back.


Industry players and analysts expect this trend of growth to continue, as international companies increasingly decide to move their contact center operations to gain cost savings, and stay competitive.

In 2006, offshore contact center vendors in the Philippines expanded their service offerings and acquired new clients and experts say this business expansion will go on well into the next year. Contact center vendors in the Philippines will further develop optimized and integrated contact center solutions to provide services at even lower costs.

Keeping Employees

As agent attrition rates increase in contact centers worldwide, offshore contact center providers in the Philippines maintains its relatively low employee turnover rate giving it a definite advantage over other offshore locations where attrition is high. Business clients find call center companies an ideal service provider because not only does the Philippines have a large pool of educated English-speaking agents but also these agents comprise one of the most loyal workforce.

Employee loyalty is very important to any business or contact center for that matter. High attrition results in increased expenses. BPO companies in the Philippines ensures that employees receive good compensation and other incentives to keep employee motivation high. They encourage career development of agents and help provide many opportunities for them to achieve their career goals.


As global companies respond to tough competition by outsourcing this brings about many new opportunities for call center providers in the Philippines. The increase in demand will also drive more innovation in service offerings and capabilities as call center companies look to provide the most effective and efficient contact center solutions to their clients.

As the global call center industry has seen numerous mergers and acquisitions in recent years, experts predict more of these strategic moves to happen in 2007. There will be more alliances between call center companies in the Philippines in order to offer more value-added service solutions to clients. More North American contact center firms will expand their presence in the Philippines to follow early movers and gain the same benefits they are getting.

While the North American market will continue to be the biggest source of business for offshore contact centers in the Philippines, enterprises from other parts of the world such as Europe, Australia and Canada will increase their business activities in the country to contribute more growth to the local contact center industry.

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