Call Center Philippines – Outsourcing Destination of Choice

As more and more companies in the US become aware of the huge cost/value advantage of outsourcing their call center processes to the Philippines, the Philippines is acquiring an enviable reputation as the number one call center services provider in the world.

Nobody, 10 years ago, would have ever guessed that one industry, the call center in the Philippines, would be at least partially responsible for the fact that the Manila is currently the hottest real estate market in SE Asia. After almost 100 years of being known as the beautiful but sleepy SE Asian paradise, the Philippines (and Manila in particular) have become home to call centers that work with some of the worlds biggest name-brand companies.

Approximately 10 years ago, the first offshore, outsourced BPO companies moved their call center operations to the Philippines because they thought they could save a little money in operating costs. As fate would have it, it seemed like every business process they launched with their call center Philippines facilities and personnel worked beyond their wildest expectations.

Today, the Philippines has everything going for it in terms of being the logical choice for profit squeezed businesses in the US to outsource their call center work to. Just look at all the advantages:

• The third largest English speaking population in the world.
• Well educated labor base. Lots of Filipinos have college degrees.
• Strong government endorsement and support to incentivize foreign companies to move their call center processes to the Philippines.
• One of the lowest costs of labor in SE Asia.
• Strong cultural affinity for US products and services that facilitates Philippines based call center performance.

Most of the call center success stories in the Philippines have been in or close to Manila, the nation’s capital. But the government has encouraged the growth of call center hubs in other areas of the country too. Cebu, the second largest city in the Philippines, has a small but growing call center infrastructure of small to medium sized call centers. The best resource pool, however, remains to be Manila where all of the country’s top schools are located.

In fact, the Philippines has the perfect blend of technology, personnel and cost factors to help US businesses not only survive but profit in today’s tight economy. Average savings for call center services outsourced to the Philippines are 30-60% of stateside rates for equivalent services. This equates to increased bottom line profits for client companies.

If you’ve wondered what all the talk about offshore outsourcing and call centers is about, now would be a great time to investigate. If you’re in business in any way (in the US) you’ll find that just about anything that goes on in your business can be outsourced…and outsourced at a fraction of the cost. Plus, the quality of the work will as high or even higher.

It all starts with a Google search and a then a phone call or email inquiry.